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Registration of Nigerians

In order to fulfill its mandate to protect Nigerians in Mexico and Mission’s other countries of accreditation, namely, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama, as well as in compliance with the directive of the Federal Government for enrollment of Nigerians abroad, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Mexico has commenced registration of Nigerians resident in Mexico and countries of concurrent accreditation.

Consequently, the Embassy relies on the full cooperation of all Nigerians in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama, to successfully undertake this important task.

How to register?

You have 2 options 


Print, fill and scan the PDF form and kindly send it to: consularsection@embassy

Click on the PDF image to download the document


Just fill the following 'Online Registration form' so we can keep it in our records, hence no need to send it scanned anymore.


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